Getting Started with Qtractor

In late 2012 I wrote nine blog articles (on my former blog) about my experience getting started with Qtractor. Some of the information might be out of date now (it was for Qtractor version 0.5.4 on Ubuntu Studio 12.04). For example, Qtractor now has a built-in way to convert the session to audio; the method I used in 2012 still works but is no longer necessary.

In any case, I want to preserve these articles for future reference.

A Few Words About Qtractor

Recording MIDI with Qtractor

Converting the Qtractor Session to Audio

Configuring the Qtractor Metronome

Configuring Qtractor Keyboard Shortcuts

Splitting a Clip in Qtractor

MIDI Editing in Qtractor

Qtractor Automation

Send Effects in Qtractor

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