Timidity++ is a MIDI file player (remember MIDI files?). I installed Timidity++ version 2.14.0 primarily to support another program but then got interested in using it directly. I used it to play some of the MIDI files from my collection, including two that I created myself over 20 years ago.

I first installed Arch Linux packages timidity++ and timidity-freepats as follows:

$ sudo pacman -S timidity++ timidity-freepats

Per the instructions from pacman (the Arch Linux package manager) I installed the timidity-freepats configuration file:

$ sudo -i
# cd /etc/timidity++/
# cp timidity.cfg timidity.cfg_orig
# cp timidity-freepats.cfg timidity.cfg

I could then play MIDI files with a variety of interfaces:

timidity file       # dumb interface
timidity -in file   # ncurses interface
timidity -ig file   # GTK+ interface
timidity -ik file   # Tcl/Tk interface

I also noted that I could add the option –module=1 to emulate a Roland SC-55 SoundCanvas (which I used to have):

timidity -in --module=1 file
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