Obxd Preset Bank

When I wrote about the Obxd synthesizer back in June I noted that I was in the process of re-creating some of the presets from the Windows version. The presets are now available here, as a bank containing 27 presets that I like.

UPDATE 24 JANUARY 2015: I updated the bank to correct two presets (“BzBEL_5th Dimnsn -1” and “PWM Strings 1 IW”) that were noticeably flat in the previous version.

UPDATE 27 SEPTEMBER 2017: Link changed to Google Drive. Please ignore the error message regarding not being able to preview; just download the file.

To use, uncompress the download archive and copy the extracted obxd folder to ~/.lv2/. You can rename the folder if you already have an obxd folder at ~/.lv2/. The presets should now be available to Obxd.

How I Created the Bank

I auditioned several banks in the Windows version of Obxd and selected 27 presets to duplicate. I took screenshots of each of 27 presets and then reproduced each preset using the LV2 version of Obxd running within jalv.gtk. I saved each preset using the Save Preset… feature in jalv.gtk.

The final step was to combine the 27 presets into one preset bank. That process will be described in my next post.

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One comment on “Obxd Preset Bank
  1. […] I recently created some presets for the Obxd synthesizer that I wanted to distribute to others. Rather than distributing individual preset bundles I wanted to combine the presets into one bank bundle. I created two files, manifest.ttl and presets.ttl, as follows: […]

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