Multi-Track Recording with jack_capture

I’m gravitating to a setup where I can make music in real time. I want to record the results using multiple tracks, with one mono track or stereo track pair per instrument.

jack_capture is a command-line program for recording output from JACK. I’ve only used it for recording stereo and decided to test it to see if it can record multi-track like I want. It can!

First, I launched an existing project (from my Simple Session Management post). To start, the JACK audio connections looked like this:


I then made additional connections as shown below:

Both instruments have stereo outputs. I left both instruments connected to playback_01/02. I connected Obxd to playback_03/04 and TAL NoiseMaker to playback_05/06.

I then launched jack_capture, using the channels and port options, and recorded a short bit of audio:

jack_capture --channels 6 --port system:playback*

Here’s what the output file looked like in Audacity:


The first two tracks are the master stereo output; they can be muted or deleted. The next two tracks are Obxd. The last two tracks are TAL NoiseMaker.

Recording each instrument separately will give me a lot more flexibility than only recording directly to stereo.


Unfortuately, jack_capture doesn’t have a man page, although its options are documented in a README file. I created a script named to display the README file:

less /usr/share/doc/jack_capture/README

I also found an online man page.

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