Temporarily Importing a Hydrogen Drumkit

Hydrogen is a nice drum sampler program but it doesn’t appear to allow any control over the location of its drumkit files. It always imports drumkits to ~/.hydrogen/data/drumkits/; I’d prefer to not keep them in my home folder. I found a way to accomplish my goal.

Hydrogen has command line options to import a drumkit and to open a specified song file. I can create a script to first import a drumkit (which doesn’t launch Hydrogen) and to then launch Hydrogen and open a specified song file. For example:

hydrogen --install "/extra/Samples/Hydrogen/Black Pearl/Black Pearl 4pc. Kit R1.h2drumkit"

hydrogen --driver jack --song "/home/steve/hydrogen/black pearl 4pc R1.h2song" &

When I’m done with the session I can clear the drumkit file with the following script:

# Clear imported Hydrogen drumkits
rm -r ~/.hydrogen/data/drumkits/*

I tested with Hydrogen version

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