According to its web site, “harmonySEQ is a live loop-based MIDI software sequencer intended to aid music composers and performers.” I’ve spent several hours with harmonySEQ and like it a lot.


As a real-time tool, harmonySEQ has some things in common with seq24. However, harmonySEQ’s event list goes beyond seq24’s functionality. The event list allows the user to associate one or more actions with a single event (an event is triggered by a computer keyboard keypress, a MIDI note, a MIDI controller, or an OSC message). Actions include starting/pausing all sequences, switching an individual sequence on or off, transposing a sequence, changing the tempo, etc. An individual sequence can play once or loop.

Another useful feature is that harmonySEQ supports control sequences as well as note sequences. The image below shows a one-shot control sequence that adjusts filter cutoff:


harmonySEQ’s user interface features some useful tooltips but currently there’s no other documentation. I found it relatively easy to understand except for the Synchronize feature.

Synchronize is an action that can be triggered by an event. Its purpose appears to be to allow sequences of varying lengths to be reset to their beginnings, since there’s no Stop function to do that.

Tip: When using computer keyboard events, be careful as to where the computer keyboard focus is. It seems best to keep the focus in the Events window while harmonySEQ is playing; otherwise, it might not respond as expected.

The Showcase page of the harmonySEQ web site contains links to music created with harmonySEQ. I especially like Mesosphere and Dream About a Peculiar World by harmonySEQ’s author, Rafał Cieślak. Dream About a Peculiar World also has an interesting YouTube video that shows the piece being played in real time.

More Information about harmonySEQ

Version: 0.16

Author: Rafał Cieślak

Web Site: http://harmonyseq.wordpress.com/

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