Running LV2 Plugins Standalone with jalv.gtk

I use jalv.gtk (from Arch Linux package jalv) to run an individual LV2 plugin as a standalone program.

jalv.gtk is run from the command line. The basic syntax is:

jalv.gtk PLUGIN_URI

where PLUGIN_URI is a unique identifier for the plugin that can be found by using the lv2ls command:

$ lv2ls

To run Obxd, I enter the following:

$ jalv.gtk


The File menu has a Save option that saves the current state of the plugin. The user is prompted for a directory (folder) name; the specified directory is created with two files within it: manifest.ttl and state.ttl. The saved state can be restored when starting jalv.gtk from the command line by specifying the –load option (with two dashes). For example, I saved the state of Obxd as folder Obxd00 in my home directory and restored it like this:

$ jalv.gtk --load ~/Obxd00

The Presets menu has a Save Preset… option to save the current settings as a preset (by default, to directory ~/.lv2/). The remainder of the Presets menu lists the available presets for the current plugin. Presets saved in the current session are not available until jalv.gtk is restarted.

jalv.gtk automatically assigns a unique JACK name to each instance of the same plugin (e.g., Obxd, Obxd-01, Obxd-02).

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One comment on “Running LV2 Plugins Standalone with jalv.gtk
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