Managing the Menu

When a new program is installed, IceWM doesn’t automatically add the program to the menu. That’s not much of a problem, though.

It’s possible to manage the menu using manual editing but that doesn’t seem like the right solution. The method I use is to rebuild the menu based on the current desktop files.

In Arch Linux, I installed package archlinux-xdg-menu. The menu can then be rebuilt with the following command:

$ xdg_menu --format icewm --fullmenu --root-menu /etc/xdg/menus/ > ~/.icewm/menu

I put this command in a shell script and execute the script after installing a new program.

The menu may contain unwanted entries. My solution to remove a menu entry is to disable the associated desktop file and then rebuild the menu. I do the following to disable a desktop file:

# cd /usr/share/applications/
# gzip program.desktop

where program.desktop is the name of the desktop file to be excluded from the menu.

I haven’t had the case where a new program did not have a desktop file, but should that ever happen it’s possible to create the file. See for the spec, or duplicate an existing desktop file and edit it as desired.

I had issues with icons not appearing on the menu for some programs (e.g., for PCManFM). This situation improved after I installed package gnome-icon-theme. For any entry that still didn’t have an icon I edited its desktop file to set the full path to the icon and then rebuilt the menu.

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