Lightweight Applications

Having installed a lightweight window manager, I started thinking about using lightweight applications in general. My Arch Linux system is used only for music, so I felt I could get by with more “minimal” non-music applications. Here are some applications I’m using:

pcmanfm is a file manager, similar to Nautilus and Thunar. I’ll discuss it more in a future post.

lxterminal is a lightweight terminal that I chose because it works well with PCManFM.

gpicviewer is a lightweight image viewer (although a really light system could probably use a web browser for image viewing).

gshot is a screen shot utility.

mousepad is my preferred “light” text editor. leafpad is OK (and even lighter) but mousepad has some additional features that I like. EDIT 10 January 2015: I can no longer recommend mousepad (version 0.3.0) because it often fails to print documents correctly.

gmrun is a “run” box with tab completion. (IceWM has a built-in “run” feature but it doesn’t use tab completion.)

gsimplecal is a little calendar that integrates well with the IceWM task bar clock.

atril is a PDF viewer based on the older version of evince (the one that still had menus). It’s not that lightweight (44 MB) but it was the smallest PDF viewer I found that also works well.

file-roller is my preferred archiving tool. It’s not as light as xarchiver but (in my opinion) it works better.

galculator is the lightest desktop calculator I found. galculator uses GTK3; perhaps I should have installed the GTK2 version galculator-gtk2.

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