TAL NoiseMaker

TAL NoiseMaker is a two-oscillator virtual polysynth. NoiseMaker was originally designed for other platforms but has been ported to GNU/Linux by the DISTRHO project. NoiseMaker is available as a standalone application, a LV2 plugin, and a native VST plugin.


Note that the GUI has four sections, any two of which can be visible concurrently.

Visit the home page listed below for the complete feature list and a downloadable PDF manual.


NoiseMaker includes (by my count) 252 presets, available from the Preset menu in the standalone version.

All versions include LOAD PRESET and SAVE PRESET options to load/save a single preset.

Mapping a MIDI controller is easy and is explained in the manual.

The standalone version can save and load the program state (see the File menu).

NoiseMaker seems relatively stable; however, I randomly experienced problems when changing presets. The fault doesn’t appear to be with NoiseMaker itself but rather with the JuceJack component used for JACK support.


  • Browse to the DISTRHO page
  • Scroll down to TAL Plugins
  • Click the download button
  • Select 32-bit or 64-bit

Note that this downloads all available TAL plugins, not just NoiseMaker. I didn’t try them all but I believe the reverbs are well thought of. The plugins have to be manually copied to an appropriate location.

More Information About TAL NoiseMaker

Version: 3.22

Author: Patrick Kunz/Togu Audio Line (ported to GNU/Linux by the DISTRHO project)

Home Page: http://kunz.corrupt.ch/products/tal-noisemaker (PDF manual available)

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